An Acne-Fighting Duo

Posted on Friday 6thMarch 2020

Over the years, one of the heart-breaking skin conditions that I try to help my patients with is acne.

For many patients, acne can be socially debilitating as it is challenging to cover and hide. I have seen serious acne crush the spirits of many people, and I have experienced the renewed confidence that comes when we are able to gain significant clearance. I am overjoyed when my patients feel good about themselves. Many adults struggle in particular because most acne products are developed with the teenager in mind. For this reason, I have spent a lot of time pondering new and different ways to help my patients who struggle with acne.

Acne can be an incredibly complex condition, and often I use a combination of approaches from unique in-clinic protocols I have developed to oral supplements. The most recent products I developed are the new acne fighting duo – Purifying Wash and Purifying Spot Gel. We took known acne fighting ingredients and designed formulations that incorporate botanical ingredients which can boost the benefit of the other ingredients, all without causing irritation, dryness or redness that can often be associated with acne products. I am very pleased to introduce these new products to you and hope that many will experience clearance of their acne symptoms with these products.

Dr. Carl Thornfeldt