Is Your Skin Care in ‘Order’?

Posted on Friday 29thJanuary 2021

How to Use an Epionce Regime

The right order for a skin care routine

When using a daily skin care regime, it’s important you know how to use products in the correct order to ensure you’re getting the best results. But it can be a complicated: from mixing and layering to applying a long list of serums and creams, a skin care routine may seem complex. Understanding the proper order to apply your skin care products will help you achieve best results.

Epionce regime

Why Is A Daily Skin Care Regime Important?

Using a regime every day helps maintain the appearance of healthy-looking skin. It also helps support the outermost layer of the skin responsible for protection. Like brushing your teeth, applying products daily is the best way to getting great results from your skin care routine. Start by talking to your Epionce skin care professional. With years of training and product knowledge, they will give you the best advice to address all of your skin concerns.

Applying Products in the Proper Order

Epionce products were created to work best when used in a specific order. Applying your skin care regime in the right order ensures products work correctly. When following a regime, you are preparing your skin to receive the best benefit from ingredients in the remaining products. The best way to use Epionce is to start with a cleanser, then follow with correcting products to help clean pores and smooth uneven texture and skin tone. Serums and moisturisers will follow, and a sunscreen is important to finish a morning skin care routine. Avoid mixing products, but layer one at a time with lighter formulas like serums first, followed by heavier products such as creams.