Skincare Beyond the Face

Posted on Tuesday 1stFebruary 2022

Regimes that will make your body glow

Unless you’re looking in a full-length body mirror every day, the bathroom vanity mirror is likely to get all of the attention. Most skincare and beauty routines focus on the face, neck and décolletage, leaving the skin on the body to fend for itself. Without regular care, it can quickly turn dry, dull-looking and visibly appear less firm, and post-workout impurities can even lead to breakouts. If you’ve neglected your body regimen, don’t fret! Getting back on track is easy with simple Epionce regimens tailored specifically for the unique challenges of the skin on the body.


Anti-Ageing + Hydrating Daily Regime

Step 1: After showering, spritz Balancing Toner all over. Its botanical humectants help lock in hydration.

Step 2: Apply barrier-boosting Renewal Body Lotion or Enriched Body Cream to entire body, including arms, legs and back.

Dry + Itchy Skin Regime

Step 1: Cleanse skin with creamy Milky Lotion Cleanser. It won’t strip skin of natural oils it needs to healthy.

Step 2: Apply Renewal Calming Cream to soothe visibly irritated skin, calm itch and boost moisture. It’s perfect for eczema prone skin too!

Anti-Ageing Hand Regime

Step 1: Fade dark spots with MelanoLyte Tx + MelanoLyte Pigment Perfection Serum–the hydroquinone-free duo that gets results without irritation.

Step 2: Apply Restorative Hand Cream as needed to hydrate skin and reverse visible signs of ageing.

Acne-Clearing Regime

Step 1: Cleanse skin all over with refreshing Purifying Wash. It contains salicylic acid to clear pores and help reduce body blemishes.

Step 2: Spot treat with Purifying Spot Gel. It works quickly to resolve stubborn acne blemishes without irritation. Note: For spot treatment only; do not use on large areas of the skin.