The Eye Serum We’re Using

Posted on Wednesday 2ndMarch 2022

AM De-Puff and Brighten Regime

Maybe you’ve had a few late nights finishing up a project, or you simply just can’t get enough regular shut eye lately. Not being well rested can quickly show up in the skin, especially around the eye area - puffiness, dark circles, under eye bags, dryness, the works! Even with best efforts to camouflage with concealer and drinking what seems like gallons of water by noon, quick-fix efforts alone offer only a partial solution beyond getting a good night’s sleep. The skin around the eye area is more fragile and sensitive compared to other facial skin. It’s different because it is thinner and produces less oil, resulting in a lacklustre, dull and dehydrated look if not properly cared for. Beyond rest and skincare, genetics, diet and exposure to environmental triggers such as blue light from electronic devices all factor in to the appearance and acceleration of ageing of the under eye area.

So what’s the answer? An eye serum in the morning is your BFF, specifically dermatologist developed Epionce Luminous Eye Serum.  It is clinically proven and expertly formulated and optimised for the unique challenges of this delicate skin. Packed with brightening botanicals, sea water and hydrating algae extracts, it provides the quick refresh you need to appear more awake. It illuminates the under eye area to diminish the appearance of puffiness and dark circles while smoothing fine lines, and the quick-absorbing silky formula easily glides onto the skin so you can apply makeup and get out the door in a flash. Here’s how we’re using it to make our mornings easier.

Luminous Eye Serum

Epionce AM De-Puff and Brighten Regime:

Step 1: Start with a clean slate in the AM with your favourite cleanser. We’re loving creamy Milky Lotion Cleanser which gently removes eye makeup.

Step 2: Pat skin dry and gently apply a single pump of Luminous Eye Serum to the eye area - both the upper and lower lids. For an AM barrier boost, apply Renewal Eye Cream after serum.

Step 3: Apply your favourite hydrating lotion or cream, such as Renewal Facial Lotion to the entire face and don’t forget to extend application down to your neck.

Step 4: Follow with broad-spectrum sunscreen. Our morning must have is Daily Shield Tinted SPF 50 because it’s sun protection and a light tint in one step. It leaves skin glowing.