The Power of Botanicals

Posted on Thursday 10thDecember 2020

How to Improve Uneven Skin Tone with Botanical Ingredients

Addressing Dark Spots without Irritation

There are multiple steps in the process that lead to uneven skin tone or unwanted dark spots on the face, hands, neck and décolletage, making it one of the most complex skin concerns to solve. Although it takes patience to resolve, with the help of a consistent daily skin care regime plus the hydroquinone-free MelanoLyte Skin Brightening System, it is possible to see long-term improvement in visibly brighter skin.

MelanoLyte Skin Brightening System

What Are Dark Spots?

Dark spots on the face, neck, décolletage and hands appear as uneven tone or darker pigment than the surrounding skin. This can develop over the course of several years and is due to various factors, like sun exposure, age, genetics or remnants of breakouts that leave brown, purple or red skin spots.

Unwanted dark spots are also different from freckles and tend to be larger and more irregularly shaped, a common sign of damage to the skin. Freckles are hereditary and caused by a gene, that when triggered by the sun cause freckles to appear.

Dark spots can be intensified by lifestyle, including sun exposure, skin care routines and sunscreen habits, so there are several steps you should consider if you want to achieve brighter, more even skin tone.

A Skin Care Regime for Dark Spots

Incorporating the MelanoLyte Skin Brightening System into your existing regime is simple. The system works synergistically with Epionce products to help safely improve the visible appearance of uneven skin tone.

The system includes two products: the lotion-like MelanoLyte Tx for twice-a-day use; and MelanoLyte Pigment Perfection Serum, a lightweight night time serum that works synergistically with MelanoLyte Tx.

MelanoLyte Skin Brightening System uses key botanical ingredients known to address the multiple stages of the pigmentation process – with little to no irritation to skin after short-term or long-term use. These ingredients include:

MelanoLyte Skin Brightening System
  • Turmeric Extract: a well-known ingredient that helps calm redness and brighten skin tone
  • Licorice Root: brightens skin tone without irritation
  • Pea Extract: a source of vitamin A and C – key anti-ageing nutrients to help skin tone appear more radiant and even toned
  • Marsh Mallow Extract: improves the visible appearance of skin radiance and a natural hydrator
  • Apple Extract: a key Epionce botanical ingredient that helps improve the visible appearance of unwanted dark spots

As with any complete skin care routine, you should incorporate a Renewal Facial product for skin type as a moisturiser to enhance the results of MelanoLyte Skin Brightening System. Intensive Nourishing Cream is a rich moisturiser for photodamaged skin and helps to effectively reduce the visible appearance of age spots on the face, neck and décolletage.

Always apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen in SPF 50 or higher to protect against UVA and UVB rays that can trigger dark spots and cause premature skin ageing.

While irregular pigmentation is usually harmless, it is important to visit your dermatologist at least every 18 months for a full spot check as certain dark spot may become skin cancer. Talk to your skin care professional about which Epionce products may be best for your unique skin care needs.