Vital Injector

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Vital Injector

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Vital Injector2 is a multi-use injectable device with a capacity of loading interchangeable 1cc ~ 5cc syringes

The unique mechanism inside the device allows it to repeatedly deliver low to high viscous formulations in small yet highly accurate dosages. Vital Injector2 has been developed to assist in the delivery of stabilised hyaluronic acid filler to restore hydro-balance in the skin and improve skin elasticity and tone to create a revitalised look.


  • Ergonomic and innovative design for increased working comfort and hand support.
  • Accurate and precise injections. Various sizes of syringes are applicable (1cc - 5cc) to select from with a variety of viscosity of formulations allowed.
  • User-friendly interface allowing user to change speed, dose, depth and vacuum.
  • Even distribution of formulations over large skin area with predictable treatment results.
  • Can be used on the face, neck, décolletage and hands.

The Vital Injector is built with advanced hygienic-centric technologies inside, this small but highly capable item effectively protects the system, making it safer and cleaner – helping the user to provide a reliable and confident treatment. A pressure release-needle enables user to inject needles beneath the skin and subcutaneous tissue with minimal loss of solution. Patented Backflow Block Structure, effectively prevents cross contamination. Controlled depth adjustment from 0mm to 5mm at 0.2mm intervals. Delivers a customised treatment to accurately target sub dermis where most collagen and elastin exists. 31G, 5 Pin multi-needle provides a dynamically faster treatment. Also available in a 9 Pin.