Based on aviation technology, adapted to the needs of modern skin care, JetPeel by TavTech utilises unique patented technology using jet pressure energy to generate fine, misty, high-velocity jet streams of liquid micro-droplets mixed with air pleasantly impacting the skin at sub-sonic speeds. This jet pressure energy enables aesthetic practitioners to perform rejuvenation treatments starting with a lymphatic massage to remove waste and toxins, followed by gentle exfoliation and effective infusion of skin renewal and anti-ageing solutions into the dermis. The treatment is pleasurable, non-invasive, safe, needle-free, pain-free and non-contact for cosmetic enhancement, with zero downtime and immediate results.

The JetPeel by TavTech line of devices is supplied with its patented line of handpieces for different treatments and indications and with the proprietary line of cosmetic liquid skin nutrients under the JetCare brand. The JetCare line of liquid solutions has been specially developed by expert formulators to optimise skin treatments and to be the only line of solutions approved to be used by JetPeel by TavTech’s original handpieces and devices.


JetPro Duo takes JetPeel aesthetic treatment to the next level, combining the proven effects of LED light therapy with exclusive jet-pressure technology in the same simultaneous Jet-LED treatment session.


JetPro Duo

LED, or Light Emitting Diode, is a miniature glass-encased chip that emits different wavelengths of light. The JetPro Duo LED add-ons are based on NASA-developed

technology, available in two repairing and rejuvenating light waves: Red (620-630 nm) & Blue (460-470 nm).

Red light is clinically proven to penetrate deep into the skin layers, where it stimulates fibroblasts and boosts collagen. This helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles, and lift and tone skin for a more youthful appearance.

Blue light penetrates into the upper skin layers, to a maximum depth of 1mm, and is known for its ability to combat the acne-causing P.acnes bacteria strain. Blue LED therapy is ideal to help reduce breakouts and soothe irritated skin.

With JetPro Duo, you can now integrate LED light therapy, clinically proven to cause natural photo-reactions in the skin, to amplify the JetPeel effects and achieve more beautiful, smoother and powerful results from JetPeel by TavTech treatments.


JetPro ToGo is the complete JetPro Duo system in a compact, portable device that you can take anywhere with you. With JetPro ToGo, medical professionals can offer the exclusive combined Jet-LED treatment in any setting – at homes, clinics, hotels, events and any other location.

The JetPro ToGo is lighter, smaller and incredibly easy to transport, yet provides the same beautiful, smooth results as the JetPro Duo device. Extend your business beyond the clinic with the unique, pleasant and pain-free JetPeel experience wherever the clientele requests it.



● 45% lighter than standard JetPro Duo device
● Fits in any car boot
● Designed with trolley wheels and handle
● Protective cover and accessories bag included

The JetPro Duo combines Red and Blue LED therapy with jet-pressure technology to provide simultaneous skin treatments that deliver enhanced results. The JetPro ToGo is the smaller, portable version of the JetPro Duo, so medical professionals can offer the combined Jet-LED treatment for a range of skin concerns, outside of the clinic walls.

The JetPro ToGo is the ideal solution to create more opportunities for clients to enjoy the JetPeel experience. The possibilities are endless, from bridal parties, to corporate packages and more. With JetPro ToGo, medical professionals can take their clinic success to the next level.

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