Woods Lamp

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Woods Lamp

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The hand held Woods Lamp uses UV light to highlight congested, pigmented and sun damaged areas on the face.

A Woods Lamp gives you the opportunity to recommend and sell the correct treatments, and retail products to clients.


  • Compact ultra violet lamp
  • Ideal for skin analysis
  • Special opaque inner layer blocks IPL flash

The affected areas show themselves in different shades of fluorescent colours allowing you to give a detailed skin analysis for your clients and assess how their skin is ageing. The skin analysis should be performed in a dark room; a room that is not dark enough may alter results as the colours will not show up as much. Make sure the skin is clean and free of make up and any other products. White - thick epidermis, white spots - necrosis cells, blue and white - healthy skin, purple - thin skin and dehydrated, light purple - dehydrated, fluorescent bright - abundance of water, brown patches - sun damage, pink/yellow - oily/congested skin.


Turn on the Wood's Lamp, and hold it 4 to 5 inches away from the area of skin being studied, and looks for any skin colour changes. Avoid looking directly into the ultraviolet light.