Velez Intense Hydration Eye Mask

By Velez

Velez Intense Hydration Eye Mask

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An advanced biotech cellulose mask that provides immediate hydration, calming and extensive cooling effects to the skin. Cools skin following Ablative & Non-ablative Laser treatments, Microneedling, PRP, Thread Lifting, Fillers, Laser Tattoo Removal, Microdermabrasion, and Chemical Peels.


  • 95% pure water content
  • Reduces skin temperature by 4ºC
  • Diminishes redness and swelling
  • Sterile, natural product minimises the risk of an allergic reaction or rash
  • Vegan friendly

The biocellulose eye masks are designed to create a moist healing environment, promote accelerated recovery, and provide a cooling effect that leads to an amazing soothing relief for patients.

The award-winning biotech multi-patented material uses natural resources and safe micro-organisms to produce distinctively nurturing skincare. The unique biotech cellulose material is made of a skin-friendly biomaterial obtained from vegetable raw materials. It has a much more complex, interwoven fiber network, almost identical to human skin, making it highly receptive and effective on the skin.

When the biocellulose eye mask is applied to the skin, it acts like a hydrophilic sponge, absorbing and retaining sweat and heat from the skin. This leads to a cooling effect because the mask has a high-water content, which provides a source of energy for evaporation. Water is a better conductor of heat compared to air, which means that the high water content in the mask allows it to effectively absorb and release heat from the skin, providing a sustained cooling effect that reduces the skin temperature by 4°C. This cooling effect,combined with the mask's ability to promote accelerated recovery and reduced redness, provides an amazing soothing relief for patients. Additionally, the high water content in the mask contributes to hydration of the skin, which can improve its overall appearance and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Water, Biotech Cellulose.

Remove mask from sterile packaging and apply directly under the eyes.