Vital Assist Skincare

Vital Assist Skincare

By harnessing the power of advanced formulations and cutting-edge ingredients, our range is designed to reverse the natural decline in skin thickness and collagen levels. Experience smoother, more youthful-looking skin with fewer lines and wrinkles. Feel the difference as your skin becomes softer, plumper and more radiant. Notice tighter pores and a revitalised complexion. With Vital Assist, unlock the secrets to age-defying beauty and embrace skin that radiates health and vitality.

Vital Assist® - A Revolution in Retinoid Skincare

Vital Assist Skincare marks a breakthrough in skincare innovation, boasting a new, patented retinoid delivery system that revolutionises traditional approaches. Our advanced formulation ensures enhanced stability, superior skin penetration and minimised irritation potential, guaranteeing optimal results with retinoid technology.

Incorporating a groundbreaking approach, Vital Assist Skincare encapsulates Glyceryl Diretinoate (GDR) and retinol within a phospholipid layer, providing unparalleled stability and protection. This unique encapsulation not only aids penetration but also serves as a shield, mitigating the irritation commonly associated with traditional retinoids lacking such delivery mechanisms. Within this innovative formulation, enzymes play a crucial role: they cleave the phospholipid layer upon penetration, allowing the active ingredients to reach target cells. Once there, natural skin enzymes facilitate the conversion of GDR and retinol into the active form of vitamin A. The gradual cleavage of the phospholipid, coupled with enzymatic conversion, ensures a controlled, "slow release" of the active ingredients, further enhancing the benefits of this advanced delivery system.

Vital Assist products

The Power of Synergistic Ingredients

Integrating these revolutionary retinoids with the latest advancements in peptides, nourishing topical antioxidants and essential skin vitamins creates a harmonious synergy. Each component works in tandem, amplifying the efficacy of the others, to deliver unparalleled results. With Vital Assist Skincare, experience a holistic approach to skincare that maximises benefits and ensures your skin thrives with vitality and radiance.

Laboratory Testing

The Vital Assist Skincare products, meticulously crafted by Dr. Don Owen and his team at Owen Biosciences Inc., undergo rigorous testing to ensure optimal efficacy and safety. The commitment to scientific excellence is reflected in the use of DNA Microassays and C3 Cell Culture Compatibility Testing. This advanced testing not only validates the effectiveness of our individual components and final formulations but also sets us apart from other skincare companies.

These tests are instrumental in determining the optimal concentration of key ingredients such as peptides and retinoids. By avoiding guesswork, we can precisely calibrate our formulations to encourage skin cells to function optimally. Striking the right balance is crucial: too low a concentration fails to stimulate cells adequately, while excessive dosages can stress the skin and disrupt its natural balance.

Through this meticulous approach, Vital Assist Skincare products consistently demonstrate the ability to enhance cell growth, increase collagen production, and bolster the production of essential antioxidant enzymes. Importantly, these benefits are achieved without triggering unwanted increases in enzymes that break down collagen or initiating inflammatory mechanisms. With Vital Assist, rest assured that every product is backed by rigorous testing and scientific expertise, delivering results you can trust.