Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology

Posted on Thursday 7thMarch 2024

Paper titled “Randomized Split-Face Study Using a Post-Procedural Biotech Cellulose Mask to Improve Patient Comfort & Downtime”


Background: There are many post-procedural treatments touted to improve comfort and decrease downtime, but very few prospective randomised studies.

Aims: To analyze the safety and efficacy of a post-procedural biotech cellulose mask.

Patients/Method: Fifteen patients undergoing either a microneedling with radiofrequency (n = 5), non-ablative fractional (n = 5), or full erbium: YAG resurfacing (n = 5) treatment were randomised to receive a biotech cellulose mask on one side of the face for 30 min after the procedure and for 2 h a day until healed. Standardised photos and thermal images were taken 30 min after the procedure and daily until healed. The investigator and blind evaluators reviewed the photos, and subjects answered daily questionnaires.

Results: An analysis of the thermal images showed a significant reduction in facial temperature on the biotech cellulose mask side as compared to the control side in all groups with an average of 2.2 (range 0.2–6.5) degree Celsius reduction across all 15 subjects. All subjects reported less pain and heat immediately upon application of the mask. Thirty minutes after application, 13/15 continued to report less pain and heat, and 11/15 reported less erythema and swelling on the mask side while blind evaluators were able to choose which side had the mask 80% of the time. On average, subjects also reported significantly less swelling on Day 1 and Day 2.

Conclusion: The biotech cellulose mask decreased patient's facial temperature, feelings of heat and pain, as well as downtime without any side effects for the subjects in this study undergoing a variety of treatments.

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